People for Portsmouth

People for Portsmouth is a Political Action Committee (PAC) formed by Portsmouth residents who are determined to make a positive change in local governance and leadership, beginning in 2016. We have no political or religious affiliation. We invite all people who love Portsmouth, black or white, rich or poor, liberal or conservative, men or women, young or old, to join us in our efforts.

Our mission is to achieve effective governance in Portsmouth through voter registration, education, and participation.

We seek and support candidates who are highly qualified, capable of understanding and resolving issues, and who are willing and able to justify their decisions with sound reasoning.

Our goal is to fill all elected positions in Portsmouth with people who are competent,
honest, and respectful, regardless of their race, gender, religion, or political affiliation.

We seek candidates who share our objectives.

Encourage economic development by:

  • Reducing regulations and barriers on businesses in Portsmouth
  • Creating a manual for people opening businesses in Portsmouth and making it available on the city’s website.
  • Assigning an economic development mentor to new business owners in Portsmouth.
  • Insuring that contracts for goods and services are awarded only to qualified & experienced contractors who submit the lowest bid and who have a history of completing projects on time and on budget.

Support local business by:

  • Including local businesses in requests for proposals & purchases for both city and school services.

Govern with transparency and responsiveness by:

  • Conducting city business in open session, resorting to executive sessions for personnel and contractual issues only.
  • Restoring the 5 minute limit to non-agenda speakers at city council meetings.
  • Conducting city business with decorum and civility.

Capitalize on the diversity of Portsmouth’s people, history, and natrual resources by:

  • Diversifying membership on the city’s boards, commissions, and committees with citizens interested in public service.

Achieve financial stability through:

  • Budgeting for the long term.
  • Prioritizing spending on essential services including public safety and debt reduction.
  • Returning as much property as possible to the tax rolls, including the Pines property.
  • Deleting non-functioning and non-producing jobs, e.g. auditor.

Governing citizens fairly by:

  • Improving education for all children.
  • Empowering neighborhoods.
  • Assuring equal protection and justice for all citizens.

How to Help