If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn
more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
– John Quincy Adams


People for Portsmouth bases its endorsements on these six key criteria:

1.     Dedication to unifying the citizens of Portsmouth through respectful dialogue and cooperative endeavors.

2.     Familiarity with Portsmouth’s people, culture, and history.

3.     Involvement in community service and civic organizations.

4.     Shared priorities, including quality education, economic development, and public safety.

5.     Commitment to transparency and accountability in government.

6.     Popularity as indicated on PfP surveys and polls conducted between April and September.


JOHN ROWE for MAYOR johnroweformayor.com

People for Portsmouth believes John Rowe is the only candidate with enough city-wide support to reunite our city.

RATIONALE: Having lived in Portsmouth for most of his life, John Rowe knows and deeply appreciates Portsmouth’s people, history, culture and government. John is a quiet, respectful and effective leader who will help mend the social fabric of our community and who will restore transparency, responsiveness and fiscal responsibility to City Hall. His recent work as city manager in Portsmouth provides John with special insight into the challenges facing our city and his 30-year involvement in regional initiatives equips him to represent Portsmouth’s best interests in Hampton Roads and Richmond.

NATHAN CLARK for CITY COUNCIL nclark23707@gmail.com

People for Portsmouth shares Nathan Clark’s priorities and persistence in addressing the basic needs of our city.

RATIONALE: Nathan Clark is a Portsmouth native and graduate of I. C. Norcom High School whose main priority is keeping Portsmouth citizens safe. For more than 20 years, Nathan has served as a sheriff’s deputy, a police officer and a firefighter for Portsmouth and is currently a Virginia Marine Police officer. He advocates filling all vacant public safety positions and fully funding first responders. He also advocates expanding vocational education and training opportunities for our youth, growing our economy and rejuvenating our neighborhoods.

LISA LUCAS-BURKE for CITY COUNCIL llburke@lucaslodge.com

People for Portsmouth applauds Lisa’s willingness to look for new solutions to persistent problems.

RATIONALE: A Lefcoe Leadership graduate, Lisa Lucas-Burke is a strong advocate for economic growth in Portsmouth. As commissioner and former chair of the Portsmouth Economic Development Authority, Lisa supports policies and programs that encourage new businesses and that energize existing businesses. She favors reinstating a convention and visitors bureau that will market Portsmouth as a tourist destination. She also favors city-wide forums to solicit ideas from citizens and to address their concerns.

Elizabeth Psimas for CITY COUNCIL elizabeth@traveldesignersinc.com

People for Portsmouth appreciates that Elizabeth explains the reasons for the votes she casts, for her experience on local and regional boards and for the institutional knowledge she has acquired through her years on council.

RATIONALE: Vice Mayor Elizabeth Psimas is a local business woman who has served on Portsmouth City Council for 10 of the last 12 years. She is the Council Liaison to The Port of Virginia, Hampton Roads Maritime Association, Portsmouth Port & Industrial Commission, Portsmouth Economic Development Authority and the Mayor’s Military Affairs Commission. She is a strong advocate for public safety, economic development and the arts.

ANGELIA ALLEN for SCHOOL BOARD allenforportsmouth@gmail.com

Angelia’s confidence, work experience, independent thinking and ability to work with diverse communities qualify her for a seat on the School Board.

RATIONALE: A graduate of the Lefcoe Leadership Program, Angelia Allen’s motto is “I Serve,” and she is well prepared to serve on the School Board. She stresses the importance of preparing all Portsmouth students for success in college and/or the workplace. She emphasizes the need to provide all teachers and students with the resources needed to ensure favorable outcomes. She also suggests quarterly meetings to inform the public about how school funds are spent during the year.

LAKEESHA “KLU” ATKINSON for SCHOOL BOARD lakeesha.atkinson@gmail.com

People for Portsmouth believes Lakeesha offers a fresh perspective and energy that will benefit the School Board.

RATIONALE: True to her campaign slogan, “Rebuilding the Village,” Klu Atkinson is an activist devoted to creating and using community partnerships to impact student achievement. She favors supplementing school funding with goods and services donated by non-profit organizations, parents and community volunteers dedicated to our city’s children. Klu advocates a zero tolerance policy for bullying, while stressing the need to review disciplinary policies. She also proposes offering more help to the parents of children with special needs to navigate the system.

Sarah Duncan Hinds for SCHOOL BOARD sarah.duncan.hinds@gmail.com

The consummate professional, Sarah Duncan Hinds deserves a full four-year term on Portsmouth’s School Board.

RATIONALE: Elected in 2014 to fill a vacancy on the board, Sarah Duncan Hinds is one of the most inquisitive and diligent members of the school board. She supports expanding the school district’s career and technical education (CTE) programs and developing apprenticeship tracks by partnering with local employers. She also supports raising teachers’ pay, ensuring equal class sizes, strengthening the dress code for students and teachers, and streamlining the administration. She regularly reports to the public on school board decisions and always explains the reasoning behind her votes.

TED LAMB for SCHOOL BOARD tedlamb@hotmail.com

By engaging and informing citizens on school district issues, Ted Lamb has earned another term on the school board.

RATIONALE: Elected in 2012, Ted Lamb refuses to “go along to get along,” often voting independently on issues that deflect funding from teachers and classroom resources. A career teacher, Ted is currently teaching special education at an alternative school in Suffolk and is particularly keen on how the district policies affect teachers and their students. An enthusiastic supporter of the CTE program, Ted wants to improve and enhance vocational opportunities. He also recognizes that for the city to flourish, all Portsmouth Schools must achieve and maintain full accreditation.

Be Informed. Be Involved. Be a Voter!